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Озеро Шара-нуур и хребет Большой Саян

Shara-noor lake  and Big Sayan range. More photos here

We are the team of tourist guides and adventurers. Travelling — is our passion! We have vast experience in mountain trekking and we are dedicated to the idea of responsible tourism. We organise tours in Sikkim, high mountain trekking along with less difficult programs such as village eco-trekking and sightseeing tours. Also, a new destination has just opened: Lake Baikal and Sayan mountain range.

Exclusive tour to Shumak — shamanic place in untouched natural environment. 15 days of freedom and breathtaking trekking just for about 600 USD (air tickets not included). English speaking guides.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in joining our groups. All our guides are friendly, professional and English-speaking. If you would like to see some pictures, please check out our gallery page.